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Tom Verde

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M.A. Islamic Studies & Christian-Muslim Relations



Foodies of New England Magazine V11 winter 2015

Foodies of New England is a magazine focused on the cuisine scene throughout the region, be it food and drink, chefs, restaurants, farms, specialty shops, artisan food producers, and...well, everything a foodie needs to stay up on culinary news, trends, and events.
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Herreshoff’s elegant design captures the spirit of Watch Hill. Editor’s note: This is the fifth in a series of stories about local craft that are in a different class than the average boat. The … Published Jul 14, 2014. Editor’s note: This is the fourth in a series of stories about local craft that are in a different class than the average boat.
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Biscuits, Onions, and "Green Stuff"

A Culinary Look at the Highlights and Low Moments of a Whaling Journey
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Hayy Was Here, Robinson Crusoe

The story is so familiar it has become a genre: One man, marooned on a desert isle, learns to survive by his wits and his mastery of the island’s resources. After years of isolation, he encounters a native from a neighboring island who becomes his companion and pupil, and together they form their own literally insular society.
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The Connecticut Gardens of Beatrix Farrand

Famed gardener Beatrix Farrand, a founding member of the 115-year-old American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), never liked the term “landscape architect.”. If anything, the skill of the “landscape gardener,” as she preferred, was closer to that of a painter than a draftsman. “A garden, large or small, must be treated in the Impressionist manner,” she once wrote.
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The "Seven Fishes" traditional dinner is tweaked for American tastes

While candy canes and visions of sugar plums are more commonly associated with December 24th, Mary (Tedesco) Stehle's earliest culinary Christmas Eve memories are of octopi tentacles wriggling in a pot of tomato sauce. "I'll never forget that, but we also had smelts, and baccala [salt cod], and cod salad, and anchovy-and-walnut sauce," recalled Stehle, a Niantic resident who grew up in an Italian-American household in Brooklyn, N.Y.
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Introduction to Our Shared Past in the Mediterranean

The Ali Vural Ak Center for Global Islamic Studies (AVACGIS), with a grant in the “Our Shared Past” initiative from the British Council and the Social Science Research Council, has assembled a team of distinguished Mediterranean historians from the U.S., Europe, Turkey, and North Africa. The project is led by principal investigator Dr.

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Winter 2014 New England’s Best Bread Makers Artisan Breads Gluten Free Bread Recipes Best in Rustic Dining Quaint, New England Restaurants Boston Post Dairy A Vermont Family Farmstead The History of... Rosemary Scan to go to the Foodies of New England website. Vanilla and Spice… and Peach, So Nice Introducing SKYY Vodka’s Newest Fruit Infusions… Georgia Peach & Vanilla Bean Since its inception in 1992, SKYY Vodka has been recognized as the brand of quality, style and innovation.
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In the Footsteps of Mandela: a Trip to Robben Island

Official memorial services for late South African president Nelson Mandela will be held this week, in Soweto, in Pretoria, and in the remote village of.
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Pasta's Winding Way West

Though handmade pastas remain a boutique food craft, since the 19th century most pasta has been made by the mechanized extrusion of dough through perforated discs, after which it is sliced, dried and conveniently packaged. Local legend has it that when the Arab conqueror of Sicily, Asad ibn al-Furat, landed with his fleet on the southern shore of the island in 827, one of his first orders of business was to muster up food for his troops.
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The Point of the Arch

The pointed arches at the Cistern of Ramla were commissioned in 789 ce by the Abbasid Caliph Harun al-Rashid. bove ground, the Eighth-century Cistern of Ramla, about an hour southeast of Tel Aviv, doesn't look like much: long rows of whitewashed humps of rubble, like raised garden beds, dotted with holes through which one can drop a bucket on a rope.
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Threads on Canvas

Hans Holbein the Younger, “Portrait of Danzig Merchant Georg Gisze,” 1532. The vase with flowers and the Oriental carpet are the only items in the painting not connected to Gisze’s business. The flowers communicated romantic intent to his prospective fiancée; the carpet asserted status and gentlemanly refinement.
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Tom Verde

Specialties: Islam, Middle Eastern history, interfaith relations and dialogue, early Christian history, and comparative religion. Have written and published extensively on religion, culture, the environment, and travel in major national and international publications (New York Times, Boston Globe, Saudi Aramco World, Biblical Archeology, National Geographic Adventure, Travel & Leisure, Wildlife Conservation, et. al.) as well as broadcast networks including NPR, Public Radio International and the BBC. Worked with the British Council, the Social Science Research Council, and the Ali Vural Ak Center for Global Islamic Studies at George Mason University to develop a secondary school curriculum entitled "Our Shared Past in the Mediterranean." Recent awards include: Folio Award for "Best Single Article" 2013; Clarion Award for "Best Magazine Article" 2011; also past winner of New York Festivals, National Headliner, and National Federation of Community Broadcasters awards.



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